The best manufacturing in the world. The potential energy of made in Japan.

I think that Japan has ability of manufacturing in agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry. The Asian wealthy classes wish for Japanese high quality foods such as fruits, beef, and fish. I feel that an advance of the product of agriculture, forestry and fisheries made in Japan is behind compared with other industry.

Nobody imagine the time when Japan has been depending on import for food can export expensive the product of agriculture, forestry and fisheries to foreign countries coming? As this background, other Asian countries easily grow beyond our imagination, and there is influence by the case that the wealthy classes were born.

When I guess how necessary these product of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, especially fresh fish will be for Asia and all over the world from now on, I'm very excited. We should sell the good product with proper price and make the foreign currency circulated at port without being involved in price competition such as Japan. Then fishermen would be able to settle their inheritor problem. It is really wonderful thing for us who wish activation of fishing port.

According to the area activation business promotion which Japanese Government puts up (We were authorized by No 12 of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry artisan cooperation business of agriculture and business in February, 2012.), we should aim to circulate fish that fisherman caught desperately even a little much in Asia, based on an idea of "Sea, fisherman and thanks".
And at our restaurant, we should introduce many people the culture of fish that should be proud of such as fish dish in Japan.

10 corporate philosophy

(01) Greet energetically. Everything begins with greeting.
(02) Keep social norm. Keep time and limit. If you are not punctual, do not belong to the organization.
(03) Recognize belonging to the organization is mutual coexistence.
(04) Do not complain. Recognize the man who says complaint is coward the most.
(05) Have the guts and heart to go through with it at any cost.
(06) Always be in the position of the partner when talking, then no friction will occur among people.
(07) Efforts do no necessarily pay off, however realize making an effort is no loss of everything.
(08) Enjoy your work. If you do not enjoy, it is impossible to delight others.
(09) Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. Lacking one of them is not natural.
(10) Keep your bad points to a minimum other than above and develop good points thoroughly.
       Be the only person in the field in which you are excellent in the organization.

Background Managing director and Ejimaya representative Chikara Ejima

1974,4Born in Torrance, California, The United States
1977,2Went back to Takarazuka-city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan
1993,4Entered Kansei Gakuin University department of economics
1997,4Studied abroad to Michigan State University (1 year)
1998,4Joined Hakuhodo Inc.
2002,6Established Henry Bros Co.,ltd
2003,4Established Henry Bros agent. Present Ejimaya Co.,ltd
2008,7Assumed as director of Kanmonkai group Daimon Co.,ltd.
2008,9Assumed as supervisor for seafood distribution of Kanmonkai Co.,ltd.
2009,4Assumed as supervisor for seafood distribution of Murasaki Co.,ltd.
2010, 7Established Henry Bros Singapore Pte.Ltd.