How do you do? I'm Cubiceps whiteleggii.
I was asked for from Sea god to introduce remarkable friends in the sea.
He said that I could board the treasure ship with my friends.
So I will introduce many unknown friends in the sea.

I am God called as the eighth God of Wealth, and god in the sea in the lower world. You don't know, right? Everyone knows the Seven Deities of Good Fortune such as Ebisu god, Daikokuten god, Bishamonten god, Benzaiten god, Fukurokuju god, Jurojin god, and Hotei god.
I am always behind the treasure ship, so you could not see me.

Drinking alcohol slowly while looking at the lower world is my daily routine. Anyway, recently they pursue only a part of good fish and do not know the profundity of the sea and really good fish in the lower world.
So I'm going to spread that in the lower world by Cubiceps whiteleggii who is my pupil while educating sea foods.
It's never to search and eat good fish.

By the order from the dragon king, I'm watching if Amaterasu Einin Omikami get drunk and make the trouble in the lower world.
If he get drunk, I'll punish by my ink!